Political poems.  February 22, 2008 - March 4, 2008

Contest Completed


I dub the Knight of Political Poetry. 1st place - lost soldier
2nd place (political poem) - No More Sorrow
3rd place (political poem) - One Ballot Signed in Blood


Enter your best political poems. I know that there are people on here from all different countries. Tell me what is good or bad about the political policies in your country. If you are not a member of this group then click on the words "Humanity in Human Beings" in the rules section of this contest to join the group. Then enter the contest to be the featured writer. You will also receive wonderful badges for you profile page.


Featured writer for the group "Humanity in Human Beings." Badges for your profile.



5 Contestants
5 Submissions
Created Feb 22, 2008

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