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Politics  September 4, 2008 - September 20, 2008

Contest Completed


McCain's #1 Fan - A Fair and Balanced Fairytale
Obama's #1 Fan - To Obama, Love the Party


Tell me about the presidential nominee(and thier vice presidential nominee) that you will/would vote for. Tell me every thing you know about them and why you would vote for them. OR tell me about the presidential nominee(" ") that you would/will not vote for and why convince me not to vote for them. OR just tell me about both of them, your likes and dislikes. Good Luck!


None sorry. All you get is a boost i ego for Being the most opinionated or the most convincing.


Bamber AKA. AM-HAM
Bamber AKA. AM-HAM
Eldorado, KS


2 Contestants
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Created Sep 5, 2008