Politics  October 21, 2008 - November 15, 2008

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President - [writing deleted]
Vice-President - Lady Liberty\'s Obituary.... A Rondeau
Speaker of the House - [writing deleted]
Secretary of State - Yes we can!
Secretary of Defense - [writing deleted]
Ambassoder - [writing deleted]


I would like to hear your opinion on the current politics and what the election means to you. How do you feel about being part of history? Do you feel that this election is more about race, femimism, and ethics? Tell me what you know...How you feel, however, I would like you to do this in a respective way. Just don't go saying f*ck something without having something other than your personal moral values to back it up. State a reason that everyone is aware, so it is legitimate. Remember too, the law says we can't say something bad about one party without saying something good, so take that in mind as practice if you are an inspiring journalist, or are already one. Essays and Poetry Only, if you do submit a story make sure that it has a good theme. Essay's should have a clear and discernalbe thesis.
Poetry is Poetry


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