Positivety about YOURSELF  June 5, 2016 - June 26, 2016

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Remember that your flaws are beautiful - Limited Time Offer
The most important thing is to love yourself - I Am Me
Be your own best friend - The power is me


I'd like for you to really sit back and appreciate who you are for this contest, submit any piece of writing, preferably a poetic piece. Your aim is to write something that is about learning to love yourself, learning to become your own friend, to realise you only need to be content with yourself, even if no one else is. I just really want to read some positive pieces, we need to appreciate ourselves before we appreciate anyone else, and what better than to start writing about it!


This is just the start of a journey towards self appreciation and contentment


Tamika Shingler
Tamika Shingler


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Created Jun 5, 2016