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Okay, kiddies! This is how it's gonna go down...you all know the old movie, "16 Candles"...you all know of Quentin Tarintino and his work. The magazine articles and blurbs and the movie previews of the new picture "Grindhouse", plus a little inspiration found elsewhere, have delivered to me this idea which I offer up to you as a contest challenge.

"16 Candles of Dynamite" --with the information here, the content for contest entries should be evident. but if not, I'll break it down...(sigh) take the basic story of 16 Candles and turn it into a Tarintino bloodbath. I don't just want blood and gore...there's got to a point to it all...otherwise it's just the nightly news...Open to all Writers Cafe members keep the stories short, 2000 word limit...hope to get some entries for this....get to it !


great praise and admiration from someone...probably.


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Otto L.n. Pipgras
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