Pray for daylight  October 7, 2011 - October 31, 2011

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1st - Nightmare Fuel - [writing deleted]
2nd - Eerily Chilling - Beaten
3rd - Disturbing - [writing deleted]


Since Halloween is coming up, I am wishing to be scared. Startled. Horrified. Disturbed. Appalled. Shaken. Disconcerted. Disheartened. Left huddled and praying for daylight.

I am of the opinion that most writers don't actually let it all go, for fear of showing a self that might be shunned by the outside world. They're good, but... the ones who grin and let the rest of the world deal with it how they like, those are the artists. They are far and few in between, a braver writer than I'd ever dare to be.

If I could give permission for everybody to tell the true story that they want to tell, I guess this would be it. We all know that sometimes there is no happy ending. That bad things happen to good people all the time. That not all the bad people are ever caught, not all the bodies are ever found.

There's a wall of reality that we live with everyday, and every night. To get on with life, we all ignore what's in the corners, we ignore the cracks. It's horror, entropy, and the little voice in your head that is telling you that it's okay, just let go.


Okay, now for the nuts and bolts.
I'm not worried if it's a story you had on the site for a few years, if it's scary, I want to read it. Most likely, I already did and I'm hoping you're going to enter it.
If it's brand new, well, I'll read that with pleasure as well.
As long as it's horror.

Much like Count Floyd, I'm actually real easy to scare, but I'm looking for the ones that stick in my head and make me sleep with the light on. Yes really, I sleep with the light on sometimes. Good luck!


Kevin Chelsea
Kevin Chelsea
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