Pro Poetry  June 18, 2012 - July 18, 2012

Contest Completed


1st place - Journey on the Hawk
2nd place - Crow Pecks At B***h
3rd place - [writing deleted]
4th place - Tin Man
5th place - A Siren's Elegy
6th place - Encompass now
7th place - The Writing Place
Honorable Mention - Tomorrow
Honorable Mention - Springtime Renewal
Honorable Mention - I'm Something


This is a spin-off from my previous contest exept this time around only Poetry will be accepted and I will be judging MUCH more harshly.

-No colored fonts
-No "aabb","abab" or "abcb" rhyme scheme
-No pictures
-No center margins

If your poetry contains any of the above charactoristics it will be trashed without being read.

Other than the above restrictions, all genres and styles are acceptable

I will be looking for creative, imaginative, professionally written poetry so beware of cliches, I'll let you judge what is and what isn't for yourself.

Submit your best and good luck to all


$0.00, Satisfaction


Steven Westbrook
Steven Westbrook
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