Prologue or Synopsis  July 20, 2012 - July 27, 2012

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The Clear Winner - The Tales Of Arjeme
Better than Third but not as good as First - Only Thoughts
Well, it's a medal isn't it? - The Experiment


Prologue or synopsis

Last time round I set a criteria of 1st chapter only - this time I want to see either a prologue or a very brief synopsis.

These are the bits I'm working on with my own writing and as well as having the chance to read other people's work it'll also give me the opportunity to harvest thoughts, styles etc to help me along the way!

As with my previous competion I really want everyone to look to review each other's work - I take no notice of what anyone else says when reviewing but this site is becoming a haven for review hoarders who give nothing back and I just want to encourage some community spirit!

So, prologue or synopsis and review something somewhere!
Whichever grabs my attention the most will win.

Please note that the picture of the seal holds no relevance to anything at all whatsoever but if it influences you to write a best seller I'd like an acknowledgement!


$0.00, Half a Mars Bar and adoration of literally 10s of people!



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