Promote Me! (Again)  June 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

Contest Completed


Promoted - Tinkerbell must Die
Runner Up - My Heaven
Runner Up - Cheeseburgers and Werewolves
Runner Up - Popsicle Kisses
Runner Up - Three Things
Runner Up - [writing deleted]
Runner Up - Permission and Blindness
Runner Up - Rain
Runner Up - not your best piece
Runner Up - I want to write a S****y Love Poem


Top Ten out of almost 400 submissions!


“Tinkerbell must die” by Muse is a fantastic concept well executed.

“Permission and Blindness” by Mariah Prussia is terrifying and beautiful. My heart trembled.

“Popsicle Kisses” by Anče is her usual solid writing and incredibly cute.

“not your best piece” by Skye Roberts has a true voice and a concept that all on this site can relate to.

“I want to write a S****y Love Poem” by Jennifer Johnston is witty & wry and gooey & gory.


“Cheeseburgers and Werewolves” by Tegon Maus has solid characters and a catchy intro that leads into a worthwhile read.

“My Heaven” by Aura Inanna is intense, original, and hooks you with entrancing phrasing.

“Three Things” by Archia uses tight organization to ramp up the intensity on a dialogue based scene.

“Rain” by T. Greyman artfully uses a small window (595 words) to fully explore a missed opportunity.

“So I'm not a Vampire?” by Rosi S. Phillips reads like an early draft, but has that spark that makes you read the next chapter and the next.


The top ten will be read requested to all I know.


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