Promote Me! III (Poetry)  July 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014

Contest Completed


Promoted - Earthrise
Runner Up - love of my life
Runner Up - Aquae Magnificum
Runner Up - The Forest at Dusk in the Rain
Runner Up - Trauma
Runner Up - Scars and Stripes
Runner Up - Screams From a Quiet Land
Runner Up - Depth
Runner Up - Hourglass of Memories


NOTICE: Excessive grammar mistakes are cause for elimination.

The "Promote Me! (Again)" contest received 373 submissions.
Thank you all so much for a truly difficult to judge pool - there were some great pieces that didn't quite make it.

This time the contest is divided into two. One for poetry and one for anything.

As always the reward for finalists is 100 RRs and the winner receives extra inter-site promoting.


I will read request your piece to all my Writer's Cafe friends.


C. Rose
C. Rose
Madison, WI


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