Prompt Me This!!  November 17, 2015 - January 1, 2016

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Write anything using one of these prompts! Make sure to have the number of the prompt in the title or it will be removed! This is mostly to get some inspiration going through your blood!

1A. Write about the letter 'X'

2A. While in your dressing room, you over hear a threat in the room next to you.

3A. What does a person mean when they say they need space? (Don't be afraid to be creative with this one!)

4A. The voice in your head insists your roommate is evil and must be killed.

5A. Use this line "Your name will be in lights, kiddo!"

6A. Write about a return visit to your childhood home.

7A. Write about the worst day imaginable

8A. During a kitchen remodel, a couple demolishing a wall finds a sealed envelope hidden between the sheets of drywall.

9A. You die, only to find that heaven is only hell.

10A. One potato, two potato, three potato, four...

1B. Write about the color red.

2B. Why did the postman cross the road?

3B. She was so glad she made that mistake.

4B. Your tree falls on a neighbor's house, starting a neighborhood feud.

5B. Cranberries and colored string.

6B. A body is found in an abandoned building.

7B. If life is a TV channel, I'm currently on...

8B. Used is line "Crying will never get you anywhere, child"

9B. Find a coin and look it over. Pick a detail and write about it.

10B. The color combination of white, green, and black reminds you of what?

1C. A 5 year old girl by the name of Audrina runs away from home, only to come back to...

2C. If you leave the room, you must switch off the lights in the room. One evening, I forgot, and...

3C. When Asher opened that door, I thought I would never see him again.

4C. Your pets are out to get you.

5C. "Couldn't you hear me knocking" she asked "Uh, no... I was..."

6C. An orange, tomato, and a eggplant.

7C. Kelly looked up to the sky, right before...

8C. "Now, let me tell you what really happened..."

9C. What could I do with a talking robot?

10C. I saw the blood drip off of his knife.


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