Prompted plays  May 8, 2012 - September 20, 2012

Contest Completed


Best rommance play <3 - [writing deleted]
Best commedy XD - [writing deleted]
Best horror o.o - [writing deleted]
Best Myth/fantasy play - [writing deleted]
honorable mention - [writing deleted]


So I love plays, reading them, writing them, and acting in them. So heres what I need you guys to do. Message me if your interested in this contest and I will give you a topic or two. You can do them both or choose one. Only original works made for this contest can be submitted. By the way I don't read any "mature" ones where you have to put your age in. Well, break a leg guys:)


link to your play on my page on facebook: Lost in Wonderland


Lost in Wonderland
Lost in Wonderland
In the clouds, Where dreams are found


Created May 8, 2012