Prose Gems  June 7, 2011 - June 21, 2011

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The Best of the Best - IN DAYS OF THE BOOK PEDDLER
Still Amazing - I don't remember my title
Very, Very Good - Death on the Horizon (Chapter 1)
Best Characters - Merc
Most Gripping Plot - PATIENT-X The Montauk Madness


I feel like it's hard to find really good, original stories on WritersCafe. So if you've got a gem of a story (or two), enter it here! It can be a book, chapter, or simply a short story--whatever, as long as it's not a poem. I'm not looking for rough drafts--I want polished stories, meaning that spelling and grammar count. And I'll be picky. I promise to give a good review for every submission.


An honest review, and knowing that you're the winner! :)



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