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Human DeEvolution Crusade
Timeline of the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades. Religious Ignorance Aside.There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.

Puzzle Peices  February 1, 2010 - April 23, 2010

Contest Completed


Puzzle Master! - Aarvark in the Morning
Most Creative - The Butterfly Effect
Peicing it All Together - [writing deleted]


Put the following words and phrases (puzzle peices) together to form a poem, short story, or other writing. Have fun with this and go wild! The more creative the better. Writing must include the following: "I should have known better!", pottery, sensitive, ardvark, and "Where did all the strawberries go?"


Knowing you're able to peice together the impossible!


Erin Lee
Erin Lee
Keene, NH


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Created Feb 1, 2010