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Nefarious Nefarious
Evil has a new name, and it's Nefarious. Once you've entered his world, you'll never forget him...

Questioning  July 29, 2013 - July 31, 2013

Contest Completed


Question Queen - Looking to the sky
Life Ponderer - Tiny Specks
You Make Me Wonder - Perhaps It's possible Although Improbable
I Am Really Thinking - [writing deleted]
I Wonder? - What's going on?
Hmmmm - Randomality
Hmmm - If Today Was Your Last Day
Hmm - Insignificant
Hm - Worship or die
Honarable Mention - [writing deleted]


i want poems that make me step back and actually look at things and i don't know almost question everything i know.



21 Contestants
48 Submissions
Created Jul 30, 2013