Quick Contest: Show Me Something Different  December 25, 2010 - December 27, 2010

Contest Completed


Most Different - The Long Winter Solstice
Most Creative - Virtual Reality
Most Random - Over Dinner
Favourite Poem - [writing deleted]
Favourite Story/Short Story - The Eighth Dwarf
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - Happy Endings Are Just Fairytales That Haven't Finished Yet
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - The Martyrs
Honourable Mention - Who am I ?


Another Quick Contest by me after the last one done pretty well :)

Enter something different, something atypical and not the same as everything else. It can be any type of writing (but if a story it must be short - i'm thinking no longer than 1200 words! - I stress this - really long pieces will not be considered!).

It doesn't have to be ridiculously different! Just something with a twist, or with a deep meaning, or anything really, just not a typical love story, twilight copy etc. Something odd, different but ultimately, something interesting!

Merry Christmas all, and good luck!! Loveless :)

(Slightly longer than the last one, and I'll be doing another "Show Me Your Best" one soon). Like the last one, let me know if you think your poem/story/chapter is more suited to one award or category!


Ribbons of course :)



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