Quick Contest: Show Me Your Best (Anything)  December 23, 2010 - December 24, 2010

Contest Completed


Best Romance Poem/Story - [writing deleted]
Best Horror Poem/Story - Death to the Outsiders
Best Alternative Poem/Story - The Id
Most Creative Poem/Story - Supermodel
Most Emotive Poem/Story - Even An Angel Can Fall
Second Best Romance Poem/Story - My Beloved
Second Best Horror Poem/Story - [writing deleted]
Second Best Alternative Poem/Story - The Duke
Second Most Creative Poem/Story - Wanderlust Dreamers
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]


Hey, this is a quick contest where I want you all to submit what you believe to be your best poem/short story (and i mean short, anything too long will be disqualified) in the following genres. Pick a genre you think you master and the awards will be for:

Best Romance Poem/Story
Best Horror Poem/Story
Best Alternative Poem/Story (so something odd, different)
Most Creative Poem/Story (imagery!)
Best Emotive Poem/Story (happy or sad)

PS. PLEASE let me know what category you're going for if its not fairly obvious!! (so write at bottom or inbox me!!!) Good luck!!!


ribbons :) and respect!



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