Quoting the masters  September 2, 2009 - September 20, 2009

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Total Badass - Omar Khayyam
the s**t - The Mahabharata
Sweet - Raven\'s Dream


This contest is for those who enjoy reading Masters such as T.S. Eliot's waste land. This poem contains a wealth of quoted material, from the bible, to the buddhist fires sermon, to dantes inferno. Quotation is a powerful tool because it can reference a very complex abstract idea with a single phrase and add layers of depth to your poetry.

The contest applicants will be judged on:

1. Whether or not a reference is used from any poet (preferably one i can find on the internet) that is widely known as an accomplished poet (ts eliot, ezra pound, seamus heaney, lorca, rilke, emily dickenson, jack karoake, naruda, ect).

2. Aesthetic choice- How the quote is used, quality of creative idea(i probably won't enjoy a poem about liking flowers, unless it is says it in a way that isnt cliche.
3. use of poetic device- interesting metaphors, assonance, simile,
4. order and pacing of prose and ideas- This means don't make it so encrypted that i have no idea what your talking about. It also means that a good poet has a feel for dramatic and affective timing. He wont re-use a word or sound if it is stale or dead.


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Samuel Ferris
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