REJECTED  March 15, 2007 - March 25, 2007

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REJECT - [writing deleted]
2ND PLACE - [writing deleted]
3RD PLACE - [writing deleted]
4TH PLACE - [writing deleted]
HONORABLE MENTION - final outburst


i want to know...really, tell me about your life, one experience, or more about rejection. No limit to catagories. My favorite topics being love and loss, I will try and make that something other than what i focus on. I will pick the winner, but imput by way of reviews will be a factor. I want to know how you face rejection (mainly if you take it any better than i do). Poetry is preferred, but short stories will be taken as well. Due to my past, I need the satisfaction of knowing that I am not the sole taker of rejection. Make me laugh, make me cry...


consider my congratulations an addition...perhaps my top friend...



Created Mar 15, 2007