Random Names!  November 3, 2010 - November 10, 2010

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Give me a story that has a random name in it. As in, one you made up. An example is: The Famous Tale of Fenngh Scofeau (a book I made). The name Fenngh Scofeau is one that I just made up. So, give me some of your writing with a made-up name in it! :D I'll be judging two things:

1. How amazing the names are.
2. How great the story is.

You have one week!!! Let's see those stories, people.


The joy of knowing that when you have a child, and name it a randomly-made-up name, it will be. So. Epic.


First Place!! First Place!!
Second Place!! Second Place!!
Third Place!! Third Place!!
Honorable Mention!! Honorable Mention!!
Honorable Mention!! Honorable Mention!!


Laura Ann
Laura Ann
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