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There are no words to describe how amazing your poem is - Kennebunkport, Maine
Breathtaking work - why
Astonishing writing - before collection
You work hard for your money, so hard for it honey! - Morning Blues
Fabulous work! - holding
Lovely way of writing - [writing deleted]
Good job - The Flower On My Windowsill
Good job - Chemical Epiphany
Ta-da! You can write a decent poem! - everyday
At least you placed! - [writing deleted]


I haven't been a member of this site very long, but it seems that the people of this site favor horrible poetry.

I want to see some REAL talent.
Don't bother entering if you type 'you' as 'u' and so on. That isn't talent, it's stupidity.
If you're tired of seeing s****y writers win then this is the contest for you.

I'd like to see any kind of poetry with no set guidelines. I'd prefer to not have to read ultra lengthy poems, so try to keep it moderately short. I'll be looking for poems with emotion and meaning. No whiny emo poems, please.

Good luck! =]


A warm, happy feeling inside your belly.



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