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Reading and Deliberating


The title may or may not say it all, but for anyone who needs to know a little more, the search is on for some unique fantasy pieces that feel real. There are very few fantasy pieces out there written in first person. This contest is not limited to first person pieces, but they may help considering emotion plays a huge role.

Length is not an issue, but keep in mind I will nearly be acting as if a publisher would after reading the very first sentence. The winners will receive detailed critiques by myself. (I look at structure, organization of thoughts, details, the mechanics, but not directly the grammar. I understand the struggle for correct grammar can affect a good piece as you're writing it. I am not limited to these areas in my critique.) And keep in mind I am NOT a professional, and no one, including you, has to agree with my critiques.

Three chapters may or may not be submitted per person. Most fantasy or science-fiction novels typically have a prologue. Some don't have a prologue. So submit what you feel comfortable submitting.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Christoph Poe


I will give a detailed critique for the top three pieces.


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