Release Your Emotions  April 26, 2008 - May 7, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - Your story was totally headbangalicious. - Nightmare on Haifa Street
Runner Up - Very illuminating story, congrats. - The Unforgettable Stranger
Okay, so it's 3rd place. Woop - dee - doo. In this contest, places don't matter. Great story! - Cabin In The Woods
4th place - Nice read, I'll definitely read it again. - Cutter
5th place - Loved your story, thank you for entering the contest. - The Shadow of My Angel
6th... place... - Again, places don't matter. Your story was awesome, I'm grateful you gave me something to read. - [writing deleted]
No more places. Another 'Award - Winning' story! - Stop Light
Apparently it's Award # 8. Cool beans. - [writing deleted]
You are one of ten to get a great ribbon for a fascinating read. - [writing deleted]
-Sniff- This is my last award. but I'm glad you got it, because I LOVED your story. - My Love


I'm in dire need of a new read, and I'd really appreciate it if you sent in a story, song, poem, or any of your writing - right now I'm looking for stories that have dilemas, or something that causes the main character(s) to show a lot of (any) emotion. One entry for each author; that makes it a bit easier for me, and fair for those who don't have many.


No money, but you do get a cool ribbon for your page if I like it :)



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