Rhythm and Rhyme poems on Leaving Home  March 25, 2011 - April 30, 2011

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This contest is to write a rhythm and rhyme poem on leaving home for the first time.
To the winner I will send a signed copy of my book.Life's Tree Lessons of Life.I will require your name and address to send it to you.

This is a poem about leaving home .It was written by one of our own
Leaving Home
A Poem by Abhijit

The sunlight warm had cast a charm ,
on my mind today
I could hear aloud and clear ,
please don't go away .

I looked around but none I found ,
save the oldest garden tree ,
it seemed somehow every outstretched bough ,
was waving back at me.

It pained my heart but I had to start ,
I opened the gate to go ,
every step I took I turned to look ,
my pace so very slow .

As I waved goodbye I heard a sigh ,
as wind blew through the grass
A helpless voice ,"I have no choice ,
you may pass you may pass".

This contest is for the best rhythm and rhyme poem about leaving home. All of us either had to face this or will have to face this.The fear the uncertainty the anxiety and the pride that comes from being on your own.


My book Life's Tree Lessons of Life


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