Riddle me...  May 17, 2011 - May 31, 2011

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I am a little new at this so forgive me. I just want to have some fun and want some riddles to solve.
Here is the thing. Write me a riddle without the answer. I will try to guess the answer in the review. If you do not feel like answering reviews, you can send the answer to devioussiddy@gmail.com. Sort the riddle as Humor & Satire or Nonsense
I will choose a riddle by how inventive, original, memorable, etc it is.
Thiis is WritersCafe so if you are creative with the written word, you get extra points in my judgement.
The winner will get the riddle and a story of their choice featured (with credit) on several sites I have an account on, including Facebook, Deviantart, etc.


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