Ridin' Along on a Kyrielle...  December 7, 2008 - December 21, 2008

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Best Kyrielle; - Byzantium
Best Holiday Kyrielle; - Laundry Day
Best WV Kyrielle - HEAVEN ON EARTH


OK�Poets�here is a new prompt specifically for you as well.

I was thinking, I often write poetry in languages other than English and then translate them. Consequently, rhyme is not my favorite medium under any condition! I was thinking, maybe I�ve been ignoring our rhyming poets just a bit�so, let�s try a from that is a bit structured and can rhyme if the poet is of a mind to.

That would be the Kyrielle. What is a Kyrielle? Briefly, a poem made up of four-line stanzas (any number of such stanzas) where the last line of each stanza is the same. Traditionally, Kyrielles are rhymed and metered. Many popular songs take this form.

If you are a free-soul and want to try writing a free-verse Kyrielle that maintains the four-line stanza and repetition structure�go right ahead.

For examples and inspiration, try this link: http://www.volecentral.co.uk/vf/kyrielle.htm

Awards? Definitely�"Best all round Kyrielle"; "Best Kyrielle with a Holiday Theme"; "Best Kyrielle with a West Virginia theme".

Good Luck�have fun and comment on each other�s work!

Contest begins December 7, 2008 and ends December 21, 2008


Best Kyrielle; Best Holiday Kyrielle; Best WV Kyrielle



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