Romance  July 31, 2008 - August 21, 2008

Contest Completed


Gorgeous!!! Bravo!!! That made me in the mood to be in love. - Something New for Catherine
Beautiful - [writing deleted]
Pretty - As Lovers Go
4th!!!! =DD - The Lake
5th!!!!!! =D - Phantasmagoria
6th!!!! ^^ - [writing deleted]


Ok, so I give in, my music got me into a romantic mood, and I'm giving you all a chance to show me some really good love stories that make me want to cry or inspire me so much that it makes me want to go confess my love. I just ask one thing- NO LUST!!!!!!! absolutely NO LUST, you will be abolished within seconds and will not be a part of this contest any more. =/ sorry, i just have a thing against lust, i abolutely HATE it, and pleaaase please stay away from the sex, most of that is lust anyways. Stick with the cute and heartbreaking love stories! <3 good luck!


Confidence from the pretty little medals


Sapphire Balasquez
Sapphire Balasquez
Niwot, CO


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Created Aug 1, 2008

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