Romantic Moments  April 12, 2013 - May 12, 2013

Reading and Deliberating


Pick a song, and include the youtube link in your submission, and write a romantic moment(story form) to it. It could be about the girl getting that first kiss she's been waiting for, or a couple taking it to the next level, or the moment a guy simply falls in love or just a sunset walk, or sexually tense moment with no resolve. Whatever it is, make it as real as possible, make me feel nervous, lovey, happy, turned on, all that jazz.
Gay and lesbian moments allowed as well, not just straight couples so don't fret!


Fans, popularity, bragging rights


Gold - Happily Ever After Gold - Happily Ever After
Silver - Falling in Love Silver - Falling in Love
Bronze - Crush Bronze - Crush



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Created Apr 12, 2013

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