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Roots Of Emotion  December 8, 2011 - January 1, 1970

Reading and Deliberating


OKAY PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN UP YOL! YOU GUYS WILL MAKE SOME MAGIC TONIGHT! Sorry about that. This contest is for poems that you have written when you were feeling the emotion you were writing about. All the best ones will go in a book that I write. And remember, I only pick the best. In the end, if you get either a 'Golden tears', 'Silver tears' or 'Bronze tears', you have made it throught to the book! Good luck and be happy! Or sad! Or lonley! Or whatever your feeling! Thnx! ;)


Golden tears! Golden tears!
Silver tears! Silver tears!
Bronze tears! Bronze tears!
Bronze star! Bronze star!
Silver star! Silver star!
Gold star! Gold star!
Well done! Well done!
Good try! Good try!


Alys Jackson
Alys Jackson
Abbeville, LA


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Created Dec 8, 2011

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