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Roots  August 18, 2007 - October 1, 2007

Contest Completed


Cultural Ambassador (first prize) - [writing deleted]
Cultural Attach� (second prize) - [writing deleted]
Foreign Diplomat (third prize) - [writing deleted]
Foreign Correspondent (fourth prize) - [writing deleted]
Reseach Assistant #1 (runner up) - [writing deleted]
Research Assistant #2 (runner up) - [writing deleted]
Research Assistant #3 (runner up) - Thirst For Knowledge
Research Assistant #4 (runner up) - [writing deleted]


I've noticed both in the stories + poetry and in the bios that many writers here have researched their roots and take rightful pride in their heritage. I would like to see very short stories, songs or poems that reflect those roots, exhibiting national and cultural differences, local color and even dialects. You can talk about your own childhood or bygone ancestors. Bring us into your world.


A chance to be a cultural ambassador!



Created Aug 18, 2007

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