Rush Hour Poetry Pt.5  April 21, 2014 - April 27, 2014

Contest Completed


RHP Pt.5 Best Poem Champion - Vanity
RHP Pt.5 1st runner-up - First, Last and Always
RHP Pt.5 2nd runner-up - When to Say I Love You
RHP Pt.5 3rd runner-up - A Few More Moments
RHP Pt.5 4th runner-up - Chainsaw
RHP Pt.5 5th runner-up - Disasters Within Me
RHP Pt.5 6th runner-up - Loss
RHP Pt.5 7th runner-up - Empathy
RHP Pt.5 8th runner-up - Beneath the Sea, it was Too Late
RHP Pt.5 9th runner-up - A flower song


any poems part 5


Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Pampanga, Philippines


23 Contestants
128 Submissions
Created Apr 21, 2014

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