S. D. Blankenship Awards the 2010 Fantasy Award  March 3, 2010 - April 3, 2010

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WORLD FANTASY AWARD - [writing deleted]


Hello, all, Writerscafe Members', I am hosting the 2010 Fantasy Award this year. The rules are simple: there are only 3 winners, of these three will be chosen by S. D. Blankenship. Only Fantasy works may be entered for display.

Each writer may submit 2 works of writing. I'm looking for the best of these dominions:
!) Characters- Describe them well.
2) Magic- Is all ways best in Fantasy.
3) Classics- Please don't use any other past fantasies.

Writing a fantasy novel has its great advantages- you can make anything up- however, you have to be more calculated with your writing to make it believable.

And most of all have fun.
~S. D. Blankenship




S. D. Blankenship
S. D. Blankenship
War Ridge, WV


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Created Mar 3, 2010

Living in Italy
Living in Italy
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