SAFE SEX , LOVE & ROMANCE  July 21, 2007 - July 28, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


Winner gets 10 US Dollars and a certificate. (must be 18 or older)
If your story does not fit the criteria listed below, DO NOT SUBMIT IT !
I want to read " responsible erotica " that revolves around SAFE SEX and ROMANCE !
Story characters must really like each other or be in love with each other, no "using", humping and dumping!
NO STORY CHARACTER can put themselves in an UNSAFE situation, such as going somewhere with someone they don't even know and that thier family has not met, so NO SEX WITH STRANGERS!
I want erotic SHORT stories from males or females that include the use of condoms, dental dams and other forms of protection FOR EVERY SEX ACT.
Up to about 6,000 words is fine.
All types of sex are fine, but you MUST include barrier protection for anal, oral, vaginal and all other types of sex ( even dry-humping ! )
I only want stories about CONSENSUAL sex between LEGAL AGE persons !
DO NOT SUBMIT ANY STORIES CONTAINING: pedophilia, beastiality, blood sports, cutting, death, rape,incest, sex under hypnosis, sex while unconcious, or any sex act that is not consensual.
Partners may be involved in extra marital affairs.
No degrading language.
Both parters should be spoken to with love and respect, but they can also talk dirty, spank each other, whatever!
If sex toys will be shared or used more than 1 time or used in different orafices, they must be washed and the barriers must be changed.
No butt- to- mouth unless washing and changing condoms is involved, then techinically, it's not butt- to- mouth.
For the exception of mouth to mouth kissing, no bodily fluids may come into contact anyone's face, eyes, mouth, skin, etc...
LOVING BDSM is fine so long as all other guidelines are followed.
If your story characters are MARRIED TO EACH OTHER and they are the only characters in your story, they may have sex with no protection, so long as they use condoms for anal sex, wash and change condoms, and don't do any butt-to-mouth, and haven't had un-protected sex with anyone else!
FETISHES: foot fetishes, shaving fetishes, etc...are fine, just so there's no body fluids or non-consensual sex acts involved in your fetish...NO GOLDEN SHOWERS...NO SCAT !

to read free samples of the types of stories I seek , you may do so at
"emerald man", "cream my cherries" & "bit and the waitress"
fit the criteria
"bittersweet" does not

( absolutely nothing is sold on that site )

I will choose the winner


$10.00, If I am able to create a published collection, you will get a copy.


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