STupid CUpid  February 7, 2009 - February 14, 2009

Contest Completed


14 of Cupid's Red & Gold Arrows - HOW TO TREASURE LOVE
13 Silver Arrows - You Pull My Love Chain! Version 1
12 Bronze Arrows - A Small Extent of My Love
11 Multi Colored Arrows - ~Zapped, Zanged, Zinged!-A Valentine Write
10 Purple Passion Arrows - Never Alone
9 Scarlet's Secret Arrows - [writing deleted]
8 Lilac Love Arrows - ~ Blooming Love ~
7 Amber's Glow Arrows - Popping Wood
6 Pretty Pink Arrows - Stupid Cupid
5 Dipped in Dark Ink Arrows - Sky Tears
4 Double-Crossed Arrows - [writing deleted]
3 Broken-Hearted Arrows - [writing deleted]
2 Wayward Arrows - My Beautiful Contradiction
1 True Love Arrow - HEART IN THE BLUE (A Pushkin Sonnet)


Send me your Valentine writes, short stories, poems,rhyme or prose pieces,
Does Valentine Day suck for you or is it a great time~ Has Cupid been nice to you
or is he a mean lil' rascal~ tell me about love/feelings/relationships~ good, bad, happy or sad~
You can submit up to 3 pieces so keep smilin' and by all means keep writing! Send in your entries and have fun!!~Fran


Year supply of Love Arrows>>>j/k


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
Paris, KY


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