Sad Poems  May 1, 2008 - May 13, 2008

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The saddest that I have ever read! - Dawson\'s Curse
Pretty sad - Dead Beat Boy
sad - The little boy
Depressing - gun upon my chest
honorable mention - [writing deleted]
honorable mention - Drowned
honorable mention - Breathing The Horrors
honorable mention - [writing deleted]
Saddest poem - Princess
pretty sad poem - [writing deleted]
honorable mention - Footprints in the Sand
honorable mention - less than perfect


Okay, I love sad poems. I love to feel down. I love the rain. I think sad and depressing have a place in my world.
For this contest, I want to read anything sad and depressing. The sadder the better. Lets see what we can come up with!


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