Sad Times  July 14, 2011 - August 5, 2011

Contest Completed


1st: This was fantastic!! Lovely and very dark. - The moonlight lullaby
2nd: I loved the formatting. Very nice!! - The Fool
3rd: This piece flows very nicely, and the images inspired by the wording are clear and precise. - Mykelti
4th: The format of the poem and the wording of last few verses are what I enjoyed the most. - Death's Caress
5th: This subject was unique and stood out. I didn't get many submissions regarding pets. - [writing deleted]
Runner-Up: Simple, yet thought-provoking and image-inspiring. Lovely. - Untimely
Runner-Up: Written in a very realistic style. I liked this one a lot!! - why does she get red faces instead of red roses?
Runner-Up: The subject is a universal one that everyone can relate to. Well-done!! - Requiem for a Fool


Gimme the most depressing poems or short stories you've got. Something that will make me cry like I just failed a test. No vampires. Or werewolves, for that matter.

As for genres, any genre is okay (like fiction/nonfiction); just keep it PG-13, please. Other than that, go for it!!

THE AFTERMATH: I just wanted to say that everyone did very well!! All pieces submitted were very reflective and for the most part well-written. And if you didn't place, don't lose hope!! Patience is a virtue, but persistence is as well.


a collective feeling of sadness



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