Sadness and Despair  July 6, 2012 - July 7, 2012

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Saddest. Work. Ever. Still crying! - Six Months, and Six Hopes
OMG I cried SO many times. - Twenty-Four Hours
OMG I cried SO many times. - I'm sorry little sister
OMG I cried SO many times. - My Angel
Saddest Romantic Work - Terrible Things
Saddest Depression Work - What I want
Saddest True Work - Broken Heart
Saddest Title - Weathered Angel
Most Powerful Short Work - No Escape
Most Powerful Long Work - Echoes


Come on out, sad writers, and see how many times you can make me cry. It's not that hard, actually. You would be surprised. Any literature that's sad, as long as it doesn't bore me to death.


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Admiral Kirk
Admiral Kirk
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