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Safalta Tournament - VI  November 30, 2011 - December 3, 2011

Contest Completed


Safalta Award - Daybreak II
Gold - Why "I" am, not you!
Silver - Exploring Angles
Bronze - For Prism Zoetrope
5th palce - [writing deleted]
6th place - [writing deleted]
7th place - [writing deleted]
8th place - [writing deleted]
9th place - you should have known better
honorable mention - Desparation


Safalta V featuerd 206 views and 63 submissions.

Please note: This tournament will now take place every 4 days.

Results on Blog:

The Tournament Group:

The Safalta Award aspires to be an official recognition of true poetic quality in our community. Safalta means success in Hindi-Sanskrit. This will be a contest held every weekend, with accumulative points, as in an on-going tournament of poets. This is an opportunity to pick your best piece of poetry each week.

There are placing from 1-10 & points are accumulated and rankings are placed on my profile on a weekly basis. So a 1st prize would score you 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points, and so forth…. If you want to place well in the Tournament, submitting a quality poem each week would be key. What does this bring you as a writer? Exposure to your writing & a sense of communal rankings over time.

As a judge, of course I have my own particular preferences, though I'm looking for the total package:

1) emotional impact 2) phrasing 3) vocabulary 4) a point 5) depth 6) finesse 7) readability 8) originality 9) literary innovation 10) authenticity

If we have too many contestants at a certain point, it will be moved to vote, since I can only judge objectively a certain # of entries. I hope to attract the best poets from this community. Feel free to give me feedback on my idea.

Good luck to all participants,

Michael Kevin Spencer


points for the tournament


Seshat Nidaba
Seshat Nidaba


42 Contestants
42 Submissions
Created Nov 30, 2011