Safalta Tournament Week 2  November 7, 2011 - November 11, 2011

Contest Completed


Safalty Award - Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
Gold - [writing deleted]
Silver - [writing deleted]
Bronze - Desires of the night
Copper - Frosten Attraction
6th place - Army Of None
7th place - Silver Linings
8th place - ~ Time
9th place - This Love
10th place - Speechless....


Week 1:

The Safalta Award aspires to be an official recognition of true poetic quality in our community. Safalta means success in Hindi-Sanskrit. This will be a contest held every weekend, with accumulative points, as in an on-going tournament of poets. This is an opportunity to pick your best piece of poetry each week.

There are placing from 1-10 & points are accumulated and rankings are placed on my profile on a weekly basis. So a 1st prize would score you 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points, and so forth…. If you want to place well in the Tournament, submitting a quality poem each week would be key. What does this bring you as a writer? Exposure to your writing & a sense of communal rankings over time.

As a judge, of course I have my own particular preferences, though I'm looking for the total package:

1) emotional impact 2) phrasing 3) vocabulary 4) a point 5) depth 6) finesse 7) readability

If we have too many contestants at a certain point, it will be moved to vote, since I can only judge objectively a certain # of entries. I hope to attract the best poets from this community. Feel free to give me feedback on my idea.

Good luck to all participants,

Michael Kevin Spencer

Results from last week: (of 13 entries)

Little Birdie 10 points 84%
Chellie 9 points 82%
Haley 8 points 80%
Angellink 7 points 79%
Dinesh 6 points 79%
Fran Marrie 5 points 78%
Sri Daran 4 points 77%
Sarah McConnaghey 3 points 76%
Annety Jay Sweeney 2 points 76%
Derek Eliot 1 point 74%


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Seshat Nidaba
Seshat Nidaba


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