Saying Goodbye.  May 19, 2009 - June 20, 2009

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Sooner or later, we have to say goodbye. Goodbye to people that raised us, loved us, comforted us, kissed us, made us feel happy and loved, helped us find ourselves, hurt us and made us stronger.People, souls, angels whom we loved. Friends, family, animals, companions, beloved strangers, guardians, boys, girls and most importantly, the love of your life. Write and submit a poem that tells a story, concept, fictional truth, poem with a moral ANYTHING that tells of something that involves saying goodbye, whether you want to or not, it can be anything from "I love you, please don't make me go, come with me, don't let go," To "I hate you, you lied, leave my presence, see ya a*****e." ANYTHING.

I'm basing on creativity and ultimately... i want you to make me feel your anger and grief whether its real or not. poems only... Make me weep, Go.


Permission to be a sucky sap for a month and get an award for it :)


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