Scare Me. Right Now.  January 29, 2009 - March 1, 2009

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I ain't sleeping tonight. - Men Walking As Trees
Ok, stop it, I'm seriously freaked - Mizu
Ok, that's just freakin' scary. - [writing deleted]


This is a very odd request from me because 1) I'm not usually a fan of horror movies/stories and 2) Considering the last 3 contests I had, this really is a change of pace. But I need something different and I wanted a theme and that was the first one I thought of. Do something scary but creative. Of all things, be creative. That's scarier than cliched ghost stories. Can be about anything; ghosts, rampant murderers on the loose, a mysterious disease, Twilight becoming part of the canon of American literature, the sky is the limit. So there you have it. Whoever successfully scares the sh*t out of me wins.


$0.00, Knowing you kept me up at night, afraid of a psycho coming to kill me. Wait, that's every night...


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Here's What I Say
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