Scartacular  October 20, 2015 - October 30, 2015

Reading and Deliberating


Welcome and come all to I Read, I Write, and I Create newly annual scartacular contest. I want everyone to give it their all and tell the scariest tales of poems, stories, plays, and chapter. I want to be so scared they have to call 911 to resuscitate me so I can finish reading your pieces. So come one and come all let’s see who the Edgar Allen Poe today is. Bwahaha (cough, cough...) I'm good. Bwahhahaha (lighting and thundering).


$0.00, 1st place 5 any reviews, 2nd place 3 any reviews, and 3rd place any 1 review


Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe
Mary Shelly Mary Shelly
Stephen King Stephen King



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Created Oct 20, 2015

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