Scenario Short Stories!  September 9, 2015 - September 16, 2015

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This is a scenarios contest. You will pick from three different scenarios to write a story (2-7 paragraphs)


1)Try to restrain from profanity
2) Put the scenario you choose up with your title.
3) Please don't make the story longer than 7 paragraphs….unless you have a really good idea. 7 paragraphs is a lot……


SCENARIO 1: It is a dark and stormy night. You and your spouse are sitting in the living room with your two children. All of a sudden, your youngest child screams! They state there was someone outside the window. You run outside and can't believe who is standing in front of you. '(For this scenario, tell about the mystery person's past and why it is surprising that they are outside your house)

SCENARIO 2) You are a person that does the same thing everyday. Work, work, work, and work. You wish you were better looking, richer, and happier. You say these things before going to sleep one night. When you awake, you are not in your bed. You are not in your house. You walk over to a mirror that doesn't belong to you. Reflecting through the mirror…it looks like you, yet better looking. You realize all your wishes have come true, and for the next few days you are happy….until you realize how good you had it. (For this scenario tell about how you should be careful what you wish for. Tell how the person's old life was better and what bad things can come from being rich.)

SCENARIO 3) You and your friends decide to go out for ice cream. You arrive at the ice cream shop and pick all your favorite flavors. When you give the money to the cashier, you realize it's you! Or they look exactly like you! You come to find out this person is your twin! (For this scenario you can be goofier and a little more free to write what you want. Just tell why the twins never knew about each other.)



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