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Scenarios of Conception: rather than offering prompts based on a lesson. I figured I’d give five prompts. During the last contest, most of you went with the line ‘I couldn’t stop her. She pulled the trigger’; which, brought about several entertaining reads. Thank you. I’m continuing with that formula; please keep them under 2,000 words if you can.

Let’s proceed shall we?

• After a fight with your spouse/loved one, and the door’s slammed, obscenities thrown, you walkout of the house and drive off; maybe you go to a bar, maybe you just park to collect your thoughts; but, when you return home to apologize, to follow the old adage ’never go to bed angry’, you find your house under siege by police cars, an ambulance, maybe even a coroner’s van. (Write the Scene).

• You awake in the hospital, surrounded by strangers. You’re told, you have amnesia (head trauma) you don’t, you’re lucid, you remember everything; but the person claiming to be your spouse/loved one, is a stranger. You don’t know this person. (Write the scene)

• I couldn’t help her. She was too far gone. I hate myself . . . (Sentence starts the story)

• The morning after indulging yourself in a hush-hush, sexual experience, you went home, checked your social media outlets, only to find your secret was the main topic of conversation. (Write the scene.)

• You’re a dark elf (can be changed), banished from your home world for practicing necromancy; your one salvation, bring the Emperor’s daughter back to life. (I’m not a big fantasy reader, but I know several of you are, so, figured I’d try and incorporate it.)


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