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Whether chic or geek, sublime or 'cor blimey', I want to read your science fiction tales in no more than 1000 words.

Considering some of the enormous talents that have illuminated the genre -
Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and the late great Arthur C Clarke, 'science fiction' has received some quite wrongful derision from the literary world. Even the words 'science fiction' are somewhat pejorative, evoking uncharitable images of long-haired Games Workshop enthusiasts, masturbating feverishly over comic books.

But here's where we draw the line, close the wormhole, mend that hyperdrive etc, right here at the Writers Cafe.

The contest will end on independence day, gettit? So start dreaming.


A genuine piece of meteorite from the bottom of my garden!


JP thinks the WC is aptly named
JP thinks the WC is aptly named
A place submerged in alcohol, where one must breathe through straws, United Kingdom


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