Science-Fiction Writing Contest  April 17, 2013 - May 17, 2013

Contest Completed


Reader's Choice #1 - First Contact
Reader's Choice #2 - Ghostship (Ch1)
Reader's Choice #3 - Where have all the boys gone


This is a very simple contest. I did not see any current Science-Fiction contests, so I figured I would start one! I would like to leave this completely open, and the reward is simply the recognition of winning! Any and all science-fiction work will be accepted! It is open to the writer to decide if their story is science fiction, but in the end the reader's will decide which one is best!

At the end, 5/17/2013, submissions will be open for voting. I am, unfortunately, new to this system so please bear with me. Thank you for your submissions!


Andrew Uphoff
Andrew Uphoff
Minneapolis, MN


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