Sea is what my heart craves.  November 7, 2011 - December 7, 2011

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Azure - Waves
Midnight - [writing deleted]
Steel - La mer insensible à froid
Royal - Inundated Oculus
Cobalt - A new day


If you ask me, it's such a beautiful thing. There's nothing in the whole wide world that can make me as inspired as sea can. I'm lucky enough to live near the sea, and witness in every time of the year the way it twists, cries, screams, whispers...
Do you like the sea? Do you find yourself as inspired?
If you have a poem (or more of them!) featuring seaside, sea, shore, docks etc., no matter is it focused on emotions or imagery, or even better, a combination of the two, feel free to enter it. The awards are named after shades of blue.
Take my breath away. :)


Little Birdie
Little Birdie
Rijeka, Croatia


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