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So, I know this will be a little unorthodox, BUT. I was talking with a friend today who has an amazing story idea. HOWEVER. Due to time constraints, she doesn't have the time to write it. That got me thinking; how many people with wonderful ideas can't put them to paper due to time? Or maybe other reasons like lack of resources, or even the ability to, but the idea is there. SO. That's what this contest is. Submit me your story ideas, and I shall do my very best to write the top three. To enter, post it as a new story, and make the title this format: your title here{second hand story entry}. Just so people know what's if for if they read it on your profile. I'll pick the top three based on personal preference. If you want a better idea of my taste, go to my profile and read some of my stuff. WELL... hope this works, and good luck!


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