Seen The World For What It's Worth  May 31, 2010 - December 20, 2010

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Best Optimistic poem - Redemption (Is In A Smile)
Best Pessimistic poem - [writing deleted]
Best Optimistic story - Made for Each Other
Best Pessimistic story - shattered dreams
A hell of an eye-opener - Anonymous
A real eye-opener - Seasons change
Awesome perspective - Broken Mantis
Great perspective - A Letter to the Boy On the Street
Nice view on the world - Trampled by the World
Nice view on life - Somewhere in the Horizon


The title's a verse from Trivium's song, "Down From The Sky". Anyway, I wanna read poems that give a fresh new perspective to everyday life and the world around us, be it positive or negative...


Well none, sorry, but isn't that gratification priceless?


Undying Glory
Undying Glory
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