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This contest you are participating in will be about choosing a topic you seem to desire. In the author's note you will write down the topic number so I know what you were writing about. Oh yeah and it has to a story it can be short or it can be long but I will not accept chapters sorry. Oh and there can't be repeats on the same topic. If you have any questions just mail me. Now let's get started shall we?

1 You are an assassin but you don't have the will to kill anyone. Your next target is someone who seems to keep showing up in your nightmares.

2 You show up at your parent's doorstep but when you knock on the door you were sent to a place where you never even existed.

3 Somewhere in the city you know that there is someone who looks like you but you didn't expect to have a twin who leads a total opposite life than you do.

4 You find someone injured on the streets but no one pays attention to them. You decided to help out the person but little did you know that the person you saved was your crush and they were escaping from the cops.

5 Someone's hunting you down and the first thing you think of is to run out of the city but what happens if it was the whole city that's trying to hunt you down.

6 (Start off with this) I grabbed his hand not knowing of the consequences that would lead up to it but it was all for ________'s (input anyone's name) sake. Even if it was the price of you losing all memories of me I would always come to save you. To me you were my whole world but now I have to move forward. 4 months later _______'s in danger but how do I approach him/her without getting their memory of me back.

7 You are a kid and you arrived at the amusement park with a man who is about to adopt you but first you must play with his other kids. You find out his other kids are the bullies from school. You want revenge on them.

8 A year into college and you have been labeled as the nastiest person ever but you aren't. You try to find out who is spreading these pointless rumors about you. The suspects on your list is your lover, best friend, rival or even your older sibling.

9 You find out your sibling has been in an accident and you get a letter saying that it wasn't an accident. Having your sibling stuck in the hospital lying in a coma. You take this opportunity to find out what happened to them. When you arrive at school you are the perfect model student. Perfect grades, attendance, popular with everyone or so it seems.

10 You have an illness that only allows you to live until high school graduation. You hadn't told anyone yet due to the fact that you don't like those times where they pity you. It was almost perfect until a transfer student comes into class and they just happen to be your childhood friend and your first love. There's 8 months until graduation and your feelings for the friend began to resurface.

11 You are a noble and the guild master to the strongest guild but you are always targeted by the other nobles. The reason being is because you are the very hindrance that stops them from oppressing the commoners. You do everything in you power to stop the cruelty from both sides. Your guild mates lend you a hand since you were the one who hand picked them from the commoners group as well. What happens if you are partnered up with a noble who is the very reason the nobles and the commoners are having this feud

Best of luck to you all and the descriptions to the prizes are exactly as it says
Winners if you want any 1 of your stories besides the one you have submitted mail me so I can review it
If you have questions about this contest mail me and ill get to you within a day or two


1-3 Recommendation on my wall for 12 weeks 4-6 are 8 weeks winners will have their story reviewed (you can ask me to review a different story if you like)


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